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Buxp is one of the most famous any reliable Get Paid To Click (PTC) Sites, tested and proved by us (with payment proofs) and several other PTC community websites.

Check Buxp quick review below:

Earn per Standard click: $0.001-$0.005
Per Referral Click $0.001-$0,003
Earn per Premium click: $0.005-$0.01
Per Referral Click $0.001-$0.006
Minimum payout: $7.99 (min 150 click)
Payout time: 45 days for Standard, 7 days for Premium
Maximum clicks per day: 30-50
Payment method: PayPal, AlertPAY
Notes: You can only have one account. Other people can join in a household from different IP.
  Initial cash $0.05 to you account after sugnup
  Earning money completink offers

If you are experienced in the PTC world please click Buxp to start register and after click ads. Are you new and not sure what to do? Please read below:

The income of Buxp comes from advertisers' money investment and/or people's premium (or up) membership and others. You may also decide to buy click packages for advertising purposes. You are nor forced to buy anything by clicking ads but will receive the appropriate money for it.

Buxp has been running since may of 2008. It has been continuously collecting its advertisers and members who click on their website (more than 52,000 users and about $23,000 payout).

Some general useful tips for beginners: take care of not using the same PayPal/AlertPAY email and password for Buxp. You should also use different password for the other PTC sites as well. It is suggested to use e.g. google mail during the registration because of safety and integrity reasons.

Registration of  Buxp can be performed easily in couple of minutes. Click HERE to start signing up! If you are ready, please subscribe to our newsletter on the right sidebar appearing in red "Subscribe To Our Newsletter!" section. Fill in the  fields "Name or Nick" and "Email"  (mandatory), finally thick "Win Money" with also filling your username has been given during the registration of Buxp. Doing that way you will be eligible to win extra money from us. Nothing to lose! Skipping this step you will never have a chance anymore! Please subscribe only once!

Advantages of subscription written above:

  • Immediate notification if a specified PTC site does not have payout (become scam),  paused, stopped, etc. So you will save a lot of clicks, time and effort by knowing that.
  • Immediate notification if a new reliable PTC site is up and running, earning more money with that.
  • We will show you which the currently tested PTC sites are.
  • We will give help if you get stuck.
  • We will give you tips and advice because of the more efficient earning money.
  • You will be participated automatically other money games (depending on the numbers of the members) and other money related possibilities. You may ONLY win if you register using our given link and subscribe to our newsletter written above! NOTHING TO LOSE!

Now let's see the registration video for demonstration purposes: (during the video we used blurred or demo data)



It's easy, isn't it? After finishing the registration you may start clicking on the ads, compleating offers and earn money. Just to see how that happens, check out our clicking video:



Works like a charm! If you have reached the minimum limit of payout, you may start a cashout to your PayPal/AlertPAY account, see this how:




If your cashout money is on your PayPal/AlertPAY account, it's in absolutely safe. Nothing other things to do just go on with clicking and let money gathered. Finally cashout again... 

Keep in mind that you'd better keep the rules and not to cheat because you may lose all of your money have been collected. We also will be banned and cannot register anymore. Don't use programs which do the work instead of you, finally you will fail.

Do you want to know and earn more?

There are other possibilities to earn more within PTC sites. Subscribe to our newsletter including your PTC username and know more!


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